Government of Nepal
Nepal Bureau of Standards & Metrology
Balaju, Kathmadnu, Nepal

Modified Date : 2018-01-29

System Certification Section:

1. Goods Certification Section:

S.N. FILE  TITLE Download

Scheme of Testing and Inspection (STI)

2. Accreditation Scope (Accredited By NABCB) Download
3. Appeal process Download
4. Certification Process Download
5. Complain Handling Download
6. Introduction to Nepal Product Certification Scheme Download
7. List of Industries granted with licenses to use NS mark on their products Download
8. List of LPG Bottling plants certified as per Nepal Standard Requirements Download
9. List of mandatory products Download
10. NS-Application-Form Download
11. Policy Download
12. कबुलियतनामा Download
13. Product Manual-NS-40:2079 Polyethylene Pipes for Water Supply Download
14. List of Industries (NS -License Holders) under scope of Accreditation Download


2. System Certification Section:

S.N. FILE  TITLE Download
1.  List of Management System Certified Organisation  Download
2. Statement of Impartiality Download
3.   Complain Handling Download
4. Workflow Download

3. inspection and monitoring  Section